Our Story

Our Venture Takes The Original Turkish Doner To The World

In a little town called Bursa in the late 19th Century, there originated one of the world’s most popular culinary delicacies -The Iskender Döner, a kind of döner kebab, that is placed vertically and seared slowly to perfection. The meat is served in thin slices on the top of fresh Pita Bread, basted in tomato sauce and lavishly dressed with butter and served with yogurt. Throngs of people used to flock to Bursa to indulge in this Meaty Masterpiece.

The founder of O’Döner travelled all the way to quaint little Bursa and sought to bring the Döner experience out to the world. We combine the authentic and traditional Kebab with its modern adaptations around the world to bring you the best tasting Döners in the region.  

Our Philosophy

While using traditional spices and the best meat sourced from turkey and around the world we passionately put them together with classic European fillings and bring to you the authentic Iskender Döner- an experience that is bound to take you to the famous Bursa and back!
Our Chefs individually pick the best cuts of Beef and Chicken for the exceptional taste and premium quality.

Our Mission

We are committed to bringing you Authentic and the Freshest gourmet Kebabs.
You can pick your freshly baked bread, straight out of our ovens. Topped with Succulent, juicy meat and dressed with our signature O’Döner Sauces accompanied with a variety of traditional beverages like Laban Ayran  served to you in a cosy authentic turkish atmosphere, an experience guaranteed to please your taste buds.
Or you could choose to Taste the Infamous Iskender Döner, prepared by our Chefs with a recipe sourced from its roots in Bursa, orchestrated to the adaptation of the modern Döner. A heavenly amalgamation of authentic tradition and contemporary fillings, a treat to truly experience. A simple but hearty meal that will keep you content and coming back for more.

Doner Kebab
Doner Kebab

Our Vision

Our vision is to be synonymous with the quintessential and authentic Döner Kebabs and to make O’Döner the fastest growing chain in the Middle East in the coming 5 years. To associate ourselves with healthy, nourishing and delicious food complimented by credible and flawless service. We aim to be able to call ourselves the biggest halal food chain all over the world, so the Authentic Döner experience could be right around your corner !